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11-2022Issue 30 November 2022Download
10-2022Issue 29 October 2022Download
09-2022Issue 28 September 2022Download
08-2022Issue 27 August 2022Download
07-2022Issue 26 July 2022Download
06-2022Issue 25 June 2022Download
05-2022Issue 24 May 2022Download
03-2022Issue 22 March 2022Download
02-2022Issue 21 February 2022Download
01-2022Issue 20 January 2022Download
12-2021Issue 19 December 2021Download
11-2021Issue 18 November 2021Download
10-2021Issue 17 October 2021Download
09-2021Issue 16 September 2021Download
08-2021Issue 15 August 2021Download
07-2021Issue 14 July 2021Download
05-2021Issue 12 May 2021Download
04-2021Issue 11 April 2021Download
03-2021Issue 10 March 2021Download
02-2021Issue 09 February 2021Download
01-2021Issue 08 January 2021Download
12-2020Issue 07 December 2020Download
11-2020Issue 06 November 2020Download
10-2020Issue 05 October 2020Download
09-2020Issue 04 September 2020Download
08-2020Issue 03 August 2020Download
07-2020Issue 02 July 2020Download
06-2020Issue 03 June 2020Download
11-15-2022This We Believe: SinDownload
11-08-2022This We Beleieve Holy SpiritDownload
10-20-2022This We Beleive JesusDownload
09-21-2022This We Believe : GodDownload
09-14-2022This We BelieveDownload
07-20-2022Im About To Lose My Mind Up In HereDownload
07-13-2022I’m About To Lose My Mind Up In Here – 3Download
06-15-2022I’m About To Lose My Mind Up In Here - 2Download
06-08-2022Im About To Lose My Mind Up In HereDownload
03-15-2022Grow Up Part 6Download
03-01-2022Grow Up Part 4 Grow UpDownload
02-23-2022Grow Up Part 3 AssuranceDownload
11-03-2021Marks of Disciple Part 6Download
10-20-2021Marks of Disciple Part 5Download
10-13-2021Marks of Disciple Part 4Download
09-29-2021Marks of Disciple Part 3Download
09-22-2021Marks of Disciple Part 2Download
09-15-2021Marks of a DiscipleDownload
05-12-2021Surviving and Thriving Part 3Download
05-01-2021Surviving and ThrivingDownload
02-20-2021Faith in Crisis Part 4Download
02-13-2021Faith in Crisis Part 3Download
02-06-2021Faith in Crisis Part 2Download
01-30-2021Faith in Crisis Part 1Download
05-23-2021VIRTUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON – Take ResponsibilityDownload
11-05-2020Veterans Day DevotionDownload
10-07-2020Courageous ChristianityDownload
09-15-2020The Power to ForgiveDownload
09-08-2020Changing SeasonsDownload
09-01-2020Hard Time PrayerDownload
08-24-2020The Key to a Balanced LifeDownload
08-19-2020Pray For Elected OfficialsDownload
08-11-2020Counting Our BlessingsDownload
07-20-2020Taking a StandDownload
07-13-2020What Wisdom RequiresDownload
07-10-2020From Panic To PeaceDownload
06-29-2020Celebrate FreedomDownload
06-22-2020Actions Speak Louder Than WordsDownload
06-15-2020Happy Father’s DayDownload
06-08-2020Do The Right ThingDownload
05-25-2020Memorial Day: REMEMBERDownload
05-01-2020A Prayer Service For Racial Healing In Our LandDownload
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Joe Louis Moorehead Sr. (November 19, 1935 – October 21, 2022) Learn More
James L. Cason (February 24, 1934 – October 23, 2022) Learn More
James C Towler (APRIL 8, 1932 – Sept. 11, 2022) Learn More
Barbara Ann Yarborough (Feb. 4, 1934 – Aug. 7, 2022) Learn More
Ruby Louise Saunders (Sept. 4, 1928 – June 26, 2022) Learn More

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