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TBC Ministry Update

Our Sympathy

-Family of Dr. Erma Taylor, services are incomplete.


– Dr. Willie and Mrs. Yvonne Battle at the death of their son, Justin. Services are incomplete.



            – Mrs. JoAnne Milton, Mount Carmel East Hospital


Nehemiah Building Project

The Building Ministry will be meeting with McKnight Construction for a presentation on proposed structure within the month. Presently, there is a balance of more than $60,000.00 in the building fund.


The Scarborough Senior Housing

-Application was made to US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). We are waiting for a response. Other funding opportunities are being explored.


Trinity Building Updates

Baptismal Pool: A quote of $7,500.00 has been presented to repair the baptismal pool. We will continue to explore other options.


Chapel Baby Grand Piano: The 1925-26 baby grand piano in the chapel is beyond repair and tuning. It was purchased used by the church in the 1950’s. The board is cracked. To repair and restore the piano will cost more than $10,000.00.  It has been recommended to replace the instrument. In the very near future the piano will be replaced with the Technics Digital Piano the church already owns.


Audio/Visual: There are equipment updates needed in the sanctuary and chapel. The most cost-effective options are being explored.


Lights in the Parking Lots have been updated around the church by AEP.


-Trees and shrubs on all the church properties need to be pruned. The most cost-effective options are being explored.

Thank You For Your Love & Support

I want to thank you for joining us, subscribing and watching us every Sunday online. We want you to know that your support and prayers assure us that we are reaching the lost in so many ways!

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